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Our Storefront

Unraveled Creative Studio

Located on Sixth Street in historic Downtown Racine in retail space that was built in 1927. 

With a little over 1500 square feet, we have a large retail space up front, with double doors that lead back to our classroom space. 

We want our space to be both open and bright, but also so cozy that you want to come in and stay a while. There will be plenty of comfy seating & spaces to spread out and work on your current WIP - either during a fiber club..or anytime we are open!




We got the keys to our space in May 2024. The colors were dark and there were several internal walls and dividing stalls. We wanted to take everything out and brighten the place up.

We've been doing all the renovation ourselves (with the help of some willing family members) and have made a HUGE difference in the feel of the space in just four weeks

We need to clean up a bit more, want to bring back in some color in the way of a murals, and then begin bringing in furniture - and even better YARN

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